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Laser Hair removal 

Single Treatment cost  

Face Price

Upper Lip$40.00

Upper Lip and Lower Lip (Perioral)$50.00

Chin and Anterior Neck$55.00

Upper Lip & Chin & Anterior Neck$60.00


Forehead (from hairline to top of the eyebrows)$40.00

Full face and Anterior (including upper neck)$75.00

Lower half face (upper lip, chin, cheeks, anterior)$60.00


Full Face and Full Front Neck$80.00

Ball of Chin$25.00

Head Price

Back of neck$40.00

Entire neck and nape of neck$50.00


Axillae (underarms) $30 as add on$40.00

Both Full arms including hands and fingers $100.00

Forearms, hands, and fingers$75.00

Upper arms$75.00

Hands and fingers$40.00

Full legs (inc. feet and toes)$150.00

Full legs + Basic Bikini line + $50 pubic hair & linea or = $150.00 Brazilian$200.00

Laser Hair removal 

Single Treatment cost 


Lower legs (inc. feet and toes to 2 inches above the knees)$80.00

Upper Legs$80.00

Upper legs and bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia or Peri$75.00

Lower legs and bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia or Peri (Feet & toes incl)$75.00

Feet and toes$40.00

Torso: Upper Price


Abdomen down to start of pubic hair$75.00

Chest and abdomen$100.00

Sternum (between breasts)$40.00

Areola (nipple area) $50 when add on$20.00

Back: full upper and lower, including top of shoulders add $50 for back of neck$140.00

Shoulders (from clavicle on front & back)$80.00

Back upper$75.00

Back lower$75.00

Buttocks this includes perianal (extra charge if hair extends to the outer sides of the leg)$120.00

Torso: lower

Basic Bikini Line (up to 3” wide on thighs) Male or Female$60.00

Linea ( 3” wide belly button to pubic bone) Male or Female$40.00

Basic Bikini Line($99.00) and Linea($50.00) Male or Female$75.00

Laser Hair removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Single Treatment cost 

Torso: lower

"Brazilian Style" for Women

Basic Bikini Line($99) and Labia($50)$149.00

Basic Bikini Line($99) Linea($50) Labia($50)$125.00

Basic Bikini Line($99) Linea($50) Labia($50) Perianal($50) $125.00

Single Treatment cost 

Photo Rejuvenation / IPL - complexion blending at its best

Single Spots Starting at$30.00

Full Face$225.00


Add Hands Or Neck$50.00

Lower Arms$300

Full Chest$250.00

Note: Rosacea, Spider Vein, Melasma, Pigmentation and Acne treatments require a consultation to assess your specific needs.


Eyebrows $10

Lip or Chin $8

Lip, Chin and Brows $17

Face $20

Under Arms $10

Full Arm $25

Half Arm $15

Full Leg $45

Half Leg $25

Full Back $50

Full Chest $40

Stomach $15

Bikini $20

Brazillian $45

Full Body $90+

Brazilian and Full Leg $60

Brazilian and Half Leg $50

24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment

Book your FREE skin consultation now

Full Facial Price $70

Hands Of Gold special Facial $ 55

The Eurowave Pro Loss 1-3 Inches in just 18 Minutes 

45 Min minutes $55

Full Body 6 sessions: $249


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: grand opening laser hair removal special 

full body 1 year unlimited  sessions $ 2399.

Full Legs 1 year unlimited : $ 899

Full Arms 1 year unlimited: $ 799

Full Face 1 year unlimited: $ 580

Brazilian 1 year unlimited: $ 580

Note: Full Body only include Full legs, Full back, full Arms and Full face & Neck area

Full Brazilian is Extra $200 for 1 year unlimited sessions. 

grand opening  

The Eurowave Pro Loss 1-3 Inches in just 18 special

Full Body 4 Months Unlimited Sessions: $849

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